The Emperor is our guiding light,

“Defend yourself! No room for weakness here, all Progena must be indomitable in mind and body.” “Yes Drill Abbot,” I gasped as I pushed my aching limbs to parry yet another mighty blow.

A Beacon of hope for humanity in a galaxy of darkness,

“Odessa! Time for Catechism. Are you ready?” I hurried inside and gathered my books. The priest didn’t like it when children were late for his classes.

As we serve him,

THUD, THUD, SCRAPE, THUD, THUD, THUD, SCRAPE Father passed me the newly forged sword. I held it carefully for it was nearly as tall as me, and felt a surge of pride, longing and faith. I delicately carried the sword and placed it alongside the others ready for sale, polishing the blade with my shirtsleeve.

He is our greatest servant,

“I couldn’t believe it. This little girl was standing there with the empty bag in her hand, house ablaze and completely calm. We would have lost him if she hadn’t done it. She did our job for us, and did it well. I couldn’t leave her there…”

As we pray to him our thoughts are only for us,

“Welcome to The Abbey of the Dawn, Sister Chaldia.” “Thank you Canoness. I offer all that I am, and I will do the Adepta Sororitas proud.” “That is our expectation. Love the Emperor, Sister.”

And in the dark when the shadows threaten,

I didn’t know who he was but I knew he was a bad man. I thought quickly what I could use then darted outside to my father’s workshop. I picked up the bag and set to work. I knew I didn’t have much time.

The Emperor is with us,

“I had to do it, sir. It was a long time ago now.” “But how did you know who he was?” “There was something not right about them, sir. I was suspicious from the day he arrived and started charming my parents. I had learned about cultists in Catechism. When I saw the off-worlders in the distance, I knew why they were here.” “But your family…“ “I had no choice, sir.”

In spirit and in fact.


Context Malefic Serafijn